We offer a premium service to our customers. This service allows clients to order bespoke clothing for any number of projects. Some examples of projects we provide these services for include but are not limited to; music videos, theatre and stage performances, advertising campaigns and commercials, film and tv productions, photo shoots and magazine publications, and personal wardrobe styling.

We handle all aspects of design through to production, more often than not our clients request on-set or on-site wardrobe assistance, depending on the size of your project we will deploy enough resources to satisfy your project needs. We work closely and confidentially with our clients to ensure all needs are met to the highest standard and quality of execution. We are very proud of our diverse portfolio of work and are pleased to share more examples of our work as relevant to your current and future project needs.



Send us a brief email with key facts and information about your project, we will review and send you a form/questionnaire to fill out. Once we log your response, we will evaluate your needs and contact you to schedule a telephone meeting. Your assigned client advisor will discuss your needs in depth with you and provide information about next steps. We are able to provide you with a quote for your project within two days of your telephone meeting with your advisor.

We have worked with numerous clients and know how different each client's individual and/or business needs can be, we are committed to your vision and measure of success for your project and will work with you to ensure it is a resounding success.


An initial deposit is collected before the design process begins and the final payment will be collected before selected designs go into production. Client will be charged a fee for cancelling the project at any stage after the design process has begun. All cancellation fees are evaluated based on how much work has been done in preparation for fulfillment.

We respond to all emails within 24-48 hours. Email us at support@elliewan.com